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                                            Do you have queries about our well drilling or water pump and filtration system services? Check out some of the frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, get in touch with us today. The professionals at James Mills Well Drilling are sure to help you out.

                                            Frequently Asked Questions

                                            How deep will my well be?
                                            The depth of your well will depend on the location, elevation, and under-ground formations. Local knowledge and experience in a familiar area help a driller decide the approximate depth of your well.

                                            What would be the quality of the water?
                                            Well water is raw water when taken from the well. Water can be hard water or have a low PH. The water in some of the wells may contain iron, hydrogen sulfide gas (sulfur), or many less common contaminates. These contaminates can usually be filtered. In some cases, filtration is not required at all.

                                            What size pump system will I need?
                                            The size of the pump system depends on the depth of the well, amount of water available to pump, and use of the system. Additionally, the size of the pump system will depend on the flow needed and the water pressure you require.

                                            What type of filter would be best for my water?
                                            The type of water filter you require depends on the quality of your well water. A water analysis can help you know the quality of your well water and the filtration system you need.

                                            How long will it take to drill my well?
                                            It generally takes one day to drill an average well. 
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                                            We provide a 90-day work guarantee. Also, our products are backed by manufacturers' warranties.
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